Help get electricity flowing in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Still Needs Help


Powering Puerto Rico with Solar Energy to efficiently store medication, food, and water at local medical centers amidst the devastation of Hurricane Maria while simultaneously creating jobs for Puerto Rican Youth.


While many organizations, ours included, are focusing on providing food and water to the outlying cities of Puerto Rico, our organization has realized that there needs to be a longer sustainable goal. Using the adage that you can give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, but give him fishing gear and he can eat every day. We quickly observed that what the cities need is power. Even with all the high-profile press surrounding power contracts on the Island it is clear that power will not be restored to many areas in the months to come. 

Our goal is to bypass bureaucracy and work within the cities of Puerto Rico that will be the last to see power on the Island. Beginning with hospitals and medical centers, our goal is to bring lifesaving services to stations within these cities. Our team is in contact with individuals in the solar sector here on the Island as well as in the states to create an ideal structure for each station we bring up online. 

Puerto Rican Youth

By providing solar energy to each town (starting with Florida, Puerto Rico) we will be able to educate our Puerto Rican Youth with IT, Finance, and Project Management jobs to sustain efforts and keep locals in the island of enchantment. Our goal is not only to install and bring solar power online to areas, but also to train Puerto Rican’s in installing and maintaining the solar grids we implement. Before Hurricane Maria hit the island, many young Puerto Ricans were leaving the island for opportunities in the states. Our goal is to help provide opportunities in the renewable energy sector alongside our goal to provide power. 


 Due to a lack of power and generators, many residents do not have access to clean water, food, and medication. For example, a lack of insulin refrigeration is depriving many citizens of daily basic needs. Since generators are cost ineffective due to the amount of gasoline required as well as the detriment to the environment, hard to maintain, and very loud and obnoxious; solar energy is the only way to maintain a sense of normalcy on the island. These solar structures will also be able to be removed and stored before the next storm comes, and installed quickly afterwards. Our goal is a sustained Puerto Rico, with your help we can make this happen. 

Who We Are

 We are a group of individuals from across the states and here locally who arrived to help by distributing food, water, and medical attention. We have rented cars, bought cars, and teamed up with churches and locals to deliver needs to untouched areas. From our observations, we sensed an urgency to implement solar energy to sustain the ongoing efforts of all those involved. 

Where is my money going?

 We understand your money is valuable to you. We also understand skepticism in the Non-Profit models you may have seen responding to national disasters over the last few years. Here at Generate Some Love, we believe in being transparent and open with where your money is going. Whenever we collect money, purchase products or deliver supplies every cent donated will go directly into funding solar energy for Puerto Rico. We are small grass roots startup that does not pull our overhead costs from the donation money. In fact, all our expenses are paid for by us. Our goal is to install energy, not to build a big non-profit organization. The money you donated is deposited directly into our account that then purchases solar panels and power walls for energy storage. When the funds are secure to complete an order, these products will be purchased from those funds. Our team with the help with local trainees will then install those products with no additional costs. 

You can help!

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals.  Please donate what you can.  Thank you!

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